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Why "Breaking the Mold" 

Learn more about the research that inspired us to start a conversation and "Break the Mold"

Breaking the Mold is an initiative by MIT Sloan Women in Management aimed at starting a conversation about unconscious bias and developing approaches to manage these biases on the road towards equal opportunity for all.

Through a series of events during the Fall of 2015 and two SWIM conferences on Saturday December 5, 2015 and Friday February 5, 2016, we hope to spark discussion, reflection and action, with the goal of empowering each member of our community to create organizations and communities that we can feel proud of.

This year we are focused on the structural biases that permeate all organizations. As part of this initiative, we are hosting two conferences. In December, we will hear from business leaders across industries who are actively seeking to counter structural biases in their institutions. In February, we will look at the academic work around managing unconscious bias. We will discuss what we can learn from the research that can help us build stronger, more diverse and inclusive organizations. 

XV Anniversary: 

MIT's report on the status of women in science

Watch this video to learn the story about how MIT successfully tackled the issue of implicit bias in STEM and led the way for other academic institutions to dramatically increase female presence in STEM fields.